Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


Farm Machinery Testing Centre

RPCAU FMTC Background

The Farm Machinery Testing Center is running under the Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, College of Agricultural Engineering, Dr. R.P.C.A.U, Pusa. This Center is one of the FMTCs approved by the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India in the direction of ensuring supply of quality agricultural machinery and equipment to the farmers.
This centre will act as an important link between manufacturers and users of agricultural machines as well as other agencies responsible for the introduction and popularization of farm equipments. Two type of tests i.e. commercial and confidential will be carried at this centre. The commercial tests are aimed to verify declarations/claims of the manufacturer/applicant for performance characteristics of machines that are in or ready for commercial production. Confidential tests are carried out to provide confidential information on the performance of the machine, whether ready for commercial production or not or to provide any specific data that may be required by the manufacturer/applicant.

Why should the farm implements/ machinery be tested?

  •  To evaluate the product both for developmental and production models.
  •  To get the advice of the testing Institution based on the performance reports and thus continuously improve upon the products.
  •  To get an authentic data on the performance of similar machines of other manufacturers to improve the product.
  •  To accelerate sales through test reports to be released by the testing Institution which may be used as an advertising media under certain conditions.
  •  To improve technical literature like service manual, performance data sheets etc.
  •  To provide independent evidence to support the claims for the machine performance.
  •  To get guidelines for taking decision on the type of machine to be used for certain operations.
  •  To select particular machine according to individual requirements where a choice of different brand exists.
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