Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


Implements for Testing

List of Agricultural Machinery to be tested

1.Sub-soiler/Chisel plough
2.Mould Board (MB) plough/Hydraulically reversible MB plough
3.Disc plough
4.Any Other Primary tillage implements/combined tillage tools etc.
5.Tractor drawn rotavator/ rotay cultivator/ rotatiller/ puddler
6.Tractor drawn harrow (Disc/Spring/Peg etc.)
7.Tractor drawn cultivator/cultivator with pulverizing roller
8.Tractor mounted leveler/reversible leveler
9..Laser guided land leveler
11.     Zero till seed-cum-fertilizer drill
12.     Potato planter
13.      Seed-cum-fertilizer drill
14.     Sugarcane cutter planter
15.     Strip till seed-cum-fertilizer drill
16.     Groundnut planter
17.     Rotatill drill/broadcasting drill
18.     Happy seeder/Happy combo seeder
19.     Raised bed planter
20.     Paddy seeder/transplanter
21.     Ridger seeder
22.     Vegetable transplanter
23.     Multicrop planter/pneumatic planter
24.     Any other sowing-cum-planting equipment
25.Vertical conveyor reaper
26.Multicrop thresher
27.Forage harvester/Combine harvester
28.Axial flow through paddy thresher
29.Potato digger elevator/root crop harvester
30.Groundnut thresher/decorticator
31.Groundnut digger shaker
32.Hadamba thresher/syndicator thresher
33.Sunflower thresher
34.Maize dehusker-cum-sheller
35.Straw shredder
36.Feed block making machine
37.Straw baler
38.Stubble shaver
39.Straw combine/reaper
40.Miscellaneous i.e., cotton stalk puller etc
41.Straw chopper-cum-spreader
42.Post hole digger
43.Vegetable grader
44.Twin hole digger
45.Seed cleaner
46.Vegetable washer
47.Any other equipment developed under R & D/Improved
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