Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


Rules, Regulations and Discipline

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The value of education lies not only in obtaining degrees but developing a sense of enduring discipline and sincerity to become better citizen. There is no substitute for good manners and morals. The basic elements of good behaviour are courtesy, kindness and benevolence, things which cost nothing but pay a lot.

                         In order to become a better member of the community the students must acquaint themselves with general rules to maintain discipline on the campus.

Some acts of indiscipline: 

  • Keeping or using any fire arms, lethal weapons in the room or outside.
  • Keeping or using intoxicants in any form.
  • Gambling in any form.
  • Ragging, bullying or harassing of student.
  • Demonstration in any form, including processions and meetings.
  • Strike or hunger strike.
  • Boycotting of university functions or activity.
  • Use of violence, assault, intimidation rioting.
  • Abusing
  • Showing or causing to show any disrespect to the faculty/officers of the university.
  • Incitement to commit any act of indiscipline.
  • Any breach of law, statutes, regulation, rules or orders.
  • Disturbing other student in their studies.
  • Damaging any university property.
  • Disorderly behaviour.
  • Organizing meeting in Hostel or College premises other than those authorized by the Warden, Principal and participation in such meeting.
  • Displaying notices, leaflets or postures, not signed or countersigned by the warden, or University Officer at the Hostel and University Notice Board or other places.
  • Any Other act intended or calculated to cause inconvenience annoyance, injury or damage to any other student of the Hostel, employee of the university or a resident of the campus or Guest and visitors to the university.

Breach of Discipline 

      For a breach of discipline a student may be awarded any of the punishment prescribed under regulations depending on the magnitude of the guilt.

Grading for conduct and discipline: 

 The Superintendent of Hostel in consultation with advisor will grade each student for his/her discipline at the end of each semester in the following categories:

                 A – Exemplary

                 B – Good

                 C – Fair

                 D – Bad

The Student who secures ‘D’ grade in conduct and discipline in any semester shall be placed on conduct probation.


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