Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


Placement Cell

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There is a well-established placement cell in the university. This cell looks after the placement interest and provides career guidance to the students regarding their suitable employment after graduation.

The students graduating from this college are holding responsible position in academics, manufacturing concerns, government organizations, public sector undertakings and other agro related industries.

List of Possible Agencies for employment of Agricultural Engineers: 

  • All engineering based programme directed towards Agricultural and Rural Sector.
  • Rural electrification.
  • Rural water supply system.
  • Rural engineering services.
  • Plant protection services.
  • Irrigation & water management.
  • Ground water Exploitation.
  • Land development & Reclamation departments.
  • Soil conservation department.
  • Wasteland & marginal land development programmes.
  • Agricultural Co-operatives.
  • Agricultural produce processing and marketing organizations.
  • Agricultural Marketing.
  • Dairies and Dairy Development Corporations.
  • Bank and other agricultural finance institutions.
  • Fertilizer corporations.
  • Food Corporations.
  • Seed Corporations.
  • Agri-Industries Corporations.
  • Small scale industries Development Corporation.
  • Entrepreneur development programmes.
  • Manufacture of equipments and machineries.
  • Testing, Evaluation, standardization and quality control.
  • Central and state government industries and other department.
  • Directorate general of technical development.
  • Directorate general of employment and training.
  • Defence technical services.
  • Implementation of renewable energy programmes.
  • Technical education planning, programmes and implementation.
  • Planning Commission
  • Programme coordinators & other services in state govt. Like BTM etc.


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