Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


Faculty Directory

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NamePositionDisciplineDepartmentMobile No.Official Mail Id
Dr. Ram SureshProfessor & HODSoil & Water Cons.Soil & Water Engg.9934832677
Er. Sanjay Kr NiralaAssistant ProfessorSoil & Water Cons.Soil & Water Engg.9931141220
Dr. R. K. SahuAssistant ProfessorSoil & Water Cons.Soil & Water Engg.8544256918
Dr. Pratibha Devi SharmaProfessor & HODProcessing & Food Engg.Processing & Food Engg.6203234473
Mr. Anupam AmitabhAssistant ProfessorProcessing & Food Engg.Processing & Food Engg.9204541395anupam@rpcau.ac.in
Er. Vishal KumarAssistant ProfessorProcessing & Food Engg.Processing & Food Engg.9472016095
Er. Dinesh RajakAssistant ProfessorProcessing & Food Engg.Processing & Food Engg.8986038207
Dr. Mukesh ShrivastavaProfessorProcessing & Food Engg.Processing & Food Engg.9430998697
Er. Sanjay KumarAssistant ProfessorFarm Power & Ren. EnergyFarm Machinery & Power Engg.9939741171
Er. Kranti KumarAssociate ProfessorMechanical EngineeringFarm Machinery & Power Engg.9934296190kranti@rpcau.ac.in
Er. Jaya SinhaAssistant ProfessorFarm Machinery & Power Engg.Farm Machinery & Power Engg.7065250618jaya.sinha@rpcau.ac.in
Dr. P.K. PranavAssociate ProfessorFarm Machinery & PowerFarm Machinery & Power Engg.9436228995
Dr. S. K. PatelAssociate ProfessorFarm Machinery & PowerFarm Machinery & Power Engg.8780872275skpatel@rpcau.ac.in
Er. Subhash ChandraAssistant ProfessorFarm MachineryFarm Machinery & Power Engg.9431097510
Er. Manoranjan KumarAssistant ProfessorFarm MachineryFarm Machinery & Power Engg.9431041987
Er. Sudarshan PrasadAssistant ProfessorIrrig. & DrainageSoil & Water Engg.9471644833sudarshan@rpcau.ac.in
Dr. Ravish ChandraAssistant ProfessorIrrig. & DrainageSoil & Water Engg.9431784140
Er I.B. BhagatAssistant ProfessorIrrig. & DrainageSoil & Water Engg.9471644828
Dr. S. P. GuptaAssociate ProfessorIrrig. & DrainageSoil & Water Engg.9835242488
Dr. Sudhir Kumar JainProfessorIrrig. & DrainageSoil & Water Engg.9430489408skjain@rpcau.ac.in
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