Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


Department of Processing & Food Engineering

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Sl. No. Name of Faculty Position Educational Qualification Specialization
1. Dr. (Mrs.) Pratibha Devi Sharma Prof. & Head Ph.D. Processing & Food Engineering
2. Dr. Mukesh Shrivastava Prof. Ph.D. Processing & Food Engineering
3. Er. Vishal Kumar Assoc. Prof. M. Tech. Processing & Food Engineering
4. Er. Dinesh Rajak Asst. Prof. M. Tech. Processing & Food Engineering

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Faculties of College of Agricultural Engineering are well qualified and experienced. Most of them have their highest degree from the institutions of National/International repute (IIT & leading university of the country). All are very sincere, hardworking and dedicated to the academic profession. Some faculties have published important books of their subject concerned, which are nationally recognized and internationally popular amongst students and professional of associated field. In addition, few faculties have also been honoured for their best performance in teaching/research activities.

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Highest Qualification Work Experience  (Teaching / Research / Extension) Remarks
1. Dr. Mukesh Shrivastava Ph. D.


More than 31 years 1. Handling AICRP on PHET as its PI since 1988.

2. Successfully completed one Non-Plan research project.

3. Currently acting Head of Department since, 2010.

2. Dr.(Mrs) Pratibha Devi Sharma Ph.D.


More than 31 years 1. Published more than 25 research papers and guided 09 M. Tech students.

2.  Currently acting as Head of Department, Farm Machinery & Power Engineering.

3.  Successfully completed two ICAR Adhoc Research Projects and one Non-Plan Project.

3. Er. Vishal Kumar M. Tech.


More than 10 years 1.  Acted as PI of International project funded by UIUC, USA on APPHL from 2015 to Aug., 2016.

2.  Successfully completed one Non-Plan Research Project as PI.

3.  Visited foreign countries for attending conference and capacity building programme

4. Er. Dinesh Rajak M. Tech.


More than 10 years 1. Received Young Scientist Award in the year 2018 at International Conference on Food & Agriculture held at Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

2. Published training manual and several leaflets related to Post Harvest Technologies.

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Class-Rooms: College includes adequate number of class-rooms for delivering the lectures to the students. Total six class-rooms in which 03 are lecture halls; 02 smart class-rooms and 01 drawing class-room are available. Class-rooms are placed with sufficient number of seating arrangement and electric fans for making healthy class-room environment.


Department Laboratory


Processing & Food Engineering 1. Agro Processing Centre

2. Instrumentation Lab.

3. Post Harvest Engineering lab.

4. Agro Product Processing Lab.

5. AICRP on PHETS Lab.

(Photographs of these labs. are shown in plate no. 03)









[vc_tta_section title=”Lab Equipment” tab_id=”1590919853323-bd4b9c34-a360″][vc_column_text]

Agro Processing Centre


i.      Steam Chest(Auto Clave)

ii.     ACIAE Machines

iii.    Digital Moisture testing machine

iv.    Fruit Pulper

v.     Generator(20 KVA)

vi.    Mini Dal Mil set

vii.   Maize Sheller(power)

viii.  Oil expeller & Accessories

ix.    Paper making machines set

x.     Grain puffing machine

Instrumentation Lab.


i.     Heat Transfer From A Pin Fin

ii.    Heat Transfer in Forced Convection

iii.   UNI-INSTA Stefan Boltzman Apparatus

iv.   UNI-INSTA Thermal Conductivity of Metal bar

v.    Air Conditioning Test Rig

vi.   Thermal conductivity apparatus

vii.  Water Cooling Towers

viii. Laboratory bottle washing machine

Post Harvest Engineering lab. i.     Spectro photometer

ii.    Seed germinator

iii.   Critical heat Flux Apparatus in two parts

iv.   Heat Transfer in natural convection in two parts

v.    Heat Pipe demonstrator

vi.   Analytical balance

vii.  Cream separator

viii. Steam Engine Model

ix.   Super mill grinder

x.    50 MHz dual Tracer Integral Oscilloscope

xi.   Century Digital DC Calibrator

xii.  Century Temperature and Humidity Control

Agro Agricultural Product Processing Lab.


i.    Blanching equipment

ii.   Drop tester

iii.  Turmeric Polisher

iv.  Lichhi Pilling Machine

v.   STR Dryer 

vi.  Extruder Machine

vii. Ohmic heating Machine

AICRP on PHTS Lab. i.     Blower with hot air attachment

ii.    B.O.D. Incubator

iii.   Canning and other equipments

iv.   Deep Freezer

v.    Digital Lux Meter, Dehumidifier, Digital Humidity meter

vi.   Fluid bed dryer

vii.  Hot air oven

viii. Indosaw equipments

ix.   Macro equipments(Lypholyzer, WaterBath, Autoclave)

x.    Small laboratory tray dryer

xi.   Vacuum oven

xii.  Vacuum Packaging Machine


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