Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


Farm Machinery & Power Engineering

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Sl. No. Name of Faculty Position Educational Qualification Specialization
1. Dr. S.K.Patel Assoc. Prof & Head Ph.D. Farm Machinery
2. Er. Kranti Kumar Assoc. Prof. M. Tech. Mechanical Engg.
3. Dr. P.K. Pranav Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Farm Machinery
4. Er. Subhash Chandra Asst. Prof. M. Tech. Farm Machinery
5. Er. Manoranjan Kr. Asst. Prof. M. Tech. Farm Machinery
6. Er. Sanjay Kumar Asst. Prof. M. Tech. Farm Machinery
7. Er. Jaya Sinha Asst. Prof. M. Tech Farm Machinery

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Faculties of College of Agricultural Engineering are well qualified and experienced. Most of them have their highest degree from the institutions of National/International repute (IIT & leading university of the country). All are very sincere, hard working and dedicated to the academic profession. Some faculties have published important books of their subject concerned, which are nationally recognized and internationally popular amongst students and professional of associated field. In addition, few faculties have also been honoured for their best performance in teaching/research activities.

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Highest Qualification Work Experience  (Teaching / Research / Extension) Remarks
1. Er. Kranti Kumar M. Tech.


More than 30 years Established Solar Energy Park and Renovated Farm Power Laboratory with modern equipments.
2. Dr. S. K. Patel Ph.D More than 10 years Expertise in precision machineries, Farm Machinery & Power and Renewal Energy in Agriculture.
3. Dr. P. K.


Ph.D More than 12 years Expertise in (1) Computer & Electronics in Agriculture, (2) Ergonomics in Agriculture and (3) Farm Machinery and Power.
4. Er. Subhash Chandra M. Tech.

(RAU, Pusa)

More than 10 years 1.  Published Training Manual, Several Research Papers and leaflets related to Farm Machinery.

2.  Hold Administrative Responsibility of Head and Handled Research Projects etc.

5. Er. Manoranjan Kumar M. Tech.

(RAU, Pusa)

More than 10 years 1. Published Training Manual, Research Papers and Several Leaf Lets related to Farm Machinery.

2. Developed Paddy Drum Seeder.

6. Er. Sanjay Kumar M. Tech.

(RAU, Pusa)

More than 10 years 1. Published 8 books related to Farm Machinery and Power Engineering.

2. Receive best trainer award in the year, 2016 given by PDKV, Akola (MH)

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Class-Rooms: College includes adequate number of class-rooms for delivering the lectures to the students. Total six class-rooms in which 03 are lecture halls; 02 smart class-rooms and 01 drawing class-room are available. Class-rooms are placed with sufficient number of seating arrangement and electric fans for making healthy class-room environment.                                         


Department Laboratory Space(m2)
Farm Machinery & Power Engineering 1. Farm Machinery lab.

2. FIM Lab.

3. Farm Power Lab.

4. Proto Type Development Lab.

5. CAD/CAM Lab.

6. College Workshop.







[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Lab Equipments” tab_id=”1590951627408-07916373-433e”][vc_column_text]

Farm Machinery lab.


i.      MB Plough 3 bottom 12 ”

ii.     Nine(9) Tyne spring loaded cultivator

iii.    Offset disc harrow 8 disc of 22’’dia

iv    Maize Sheller power drawn

v     Disc harrow 10 disc

vi    9 type cultivator

vii   ASPEE bolo Motorized Knapsack Mist Blower cum duster   

viii  Power Weeder Model AI with FM 82, Diesel (ISI) Engine

ix    Electronic Balance (Make Citizen) capacity 1-2 kg and readability

x     Self propelled ripper (Jiang Dong JD 165 F)

xi    Worm sieving Machine with motor (HIG 5203)

xii   Gajraj Tractor

xiii  Sharach power tiller

xiv  TAFE Rotavator

xv   Laser Guided land leveler (Spectra)


Farm Implement Machinery Lab.

i.      Tractor (TAFE – 30 Di)

ii.     Inclined plate planter

iii.    Yanji Shakti 8 row self propelled rice transplanter

iv    raised bed planter

v     Manual operated paddy transplanter

vi    Yanji Shakti 8 row rice transplanted with bullet wheel

vii   Self propelled straw combine, reaper model

viii  Manual operated post hole digger with engine

ix    Manual rice Transplanter

x     CIAE TD Inclined plate planter

xi    CIAE BD inclined plate planter

xii   Tractor drawn Aeroblast sprayer

xiii  Animal drawn wetland puddler 

xiv  Multi crop thresher

xv   Rice straw chopper cum speeder

xvi  Raised bed planter tractor operated

xvii Maize de-husker – cum-speeder

xviii Potato digger-cum-elevator tractor operated

xix  Reaper–cum-binder

Farm Power Lab. i.       Tractor, MF 1035 DIJ

ii.      Universal Testing Machine

iii.     Universal Vibration Apparatus

iv.     Cam analysis Apparatus

v.      Motorized Gyroscope

vi.     Journal Bearing apparatus

vii.    Universal Governor Apparatus

viii.   Coriollis Component of Acceleration Apparatus

ix.     Michell Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus

x.      Slip & Creep Measurement Apparatus

xi.     Epicyclical Gear Train apparatus

xii.    Tractor Engine cut model

xiii.   Differential cut model

xiv.   Steering system (Model)

xv.    Disc brake(Cut Model)

xvi.   Carburettor (cut Model)

xvii.  Clutch (Cut Model)

xviii. Single Cylinder Test Rig Diesel Engine

xix.   Exhaust Gas Calorimeter

Proto Type Development Lab. i.   Lathe machine 8 ½”

ii.  Arc Welding machine 600 amp

iii. Tool Grinder 1 HP

iv. Hackwow cutter

v.  Steel bending  

CAD/CAM Lab. i.  CNC Trainer master lathe

ii. PC Dell Desktop core with 17” TFT Monitor

College Workshop i.      Air cooled welding machine 450

ii.     Welding Machine

iii.    Bench Drill ½” HP with electric

iv.    Motorized Drilling M/C 1 HP

v.     Drill machine

vi.    Drill M/C with Motor 1HP

vii.   Iron Lathe Machine

viii.  Iron Jack Planner 9”

ix.    Power presser machine

x.     Shaping machine big size 3 HP

xi.    Shaping Machine 18”

xii.   Surface grinder

xiii.  Toyo air compressor

xiv.  Wood working grinder

xv.   Wood working lathe machine

xvi.  Lovely lathe machine wooden cutter machine

xvii. Shearing machine

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Workshops” tab_id=”1590951628324-2a0f6b09-8ce1″][vc_column_text]

Workshops: For imparting workshop practicals to UG students, there are two workshops at College of Agricultural Engineering:

Workshop – 1: Assembles all the machines including lathe, welding, molding and others as per syllabus of Dean’s Committee recommendations.

Workshop – 2: Prototype workshop where UG students prepare their jobs under practical classes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_tabs][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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